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Graduate Students


I am not planning to accept applications for graduate students for Fall 2023. Here is where you can get more information about the Psychology graduate program at UCSC and the graduate admissions process.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

I am currently recruiting up to 8 undergraduate research assistants for the lab. Click here to complete an application. You can volunteer in the lab, work as an RA for credit for PSYC 194B (a 5 credit course), or work as an RA for credit for PSYC 199 independent study (for 2-3 credits).

I am looking for students who are passionate about psychology, particularly learning, memory, teaching, and/or education. We are hoping to welcome new undergraduate research assistants who are intellectually curious, love solving problems and puzzles, enjoy teaching themselves new things, have great attention to detail, are prompt and reliable, communicate clearly, collaborate well with others, and are comfortable with being assigned open-ended tasks.

Undergraduate research assistants are expected to commit 2-3 hours per credit per week of primarily in-person work on a consistent schedule. RAs are also expected to commit to join the lab for at least 3 consecutive quarters. We can discuss the possibility of you joining the lab for 2 quarters, though. 

Research assistants have several responsibilities including running participants, designing research materials, programming experiments, analyzing data, and finding and summarizing research articles. No prior experience with these kinds of tasks is expected; you'll be taught the skills you need. There are no course prerequisites. However, priority will be given to students who have taken at least one of the following courses: Introductory Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics, Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory.

Please feel free to email with other questions.

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